I Saw Wonder Woman

As the title implies, I went to see the Wonder Woman movie on Sunday. I very much enjoyed it. And yes, a lot of that enjoyment came from seeing a woman on the screen being a superhero. She wasn’t a White American woman either! So that was refreshing, and honestly did contribute to my enjoyment. There was something so uplifting and sort of “heck yeah” about seeing her run across… continue reading

Putt-Putt Island

A few years ago, while Mother was working in Malaysia, I visited her and we went for exciting travel adventures. What follows is one of our many journeys. We travelled to this one of the islands of Langkawi, The Jewel of Kedah. It’s a really beautiful archipelago, lots of sandy beaches, monkeys, and clear blue ocean. Mother had booked us a few days in what I hesitate to call a… continue reading

Feminism Has Done Wonders For Women. It’s Time It Does Wonders For Men.

This blog post was going to be about a holiday, but that’s been postponed because I saw this article on stuff.co.nz. The article, and a follow-up piece, details how this young boy will not be admitted to a school, that he is in the school zone for, because of the length of his hair. Within the same Facebook scroll session, (where better place to get news, amirite?), I found this pink… continue reading

Why Armageddon Isn’t That Bad

In the weekend, I went to Armageddon with Bestie and Boyfriend. Not the Armageddon where armies gather to battle during the end times (that’s right, that’s the actual meaning of Armageddon. It’s a location, not a title). The Armageddon Expo, for the uninitiated, is a convention that happens once a year, moving around the country. New Zealand fans of science fiction, anime and other popular culture icons (including Marvel and… continue reading

An Eccentric Child

I was an eccentric child. In both good and bad ways. I was an intelligent child, who lacked social sense early on, had Anxiety and was the daughter of an eccentric woman. A lot of my eccentricities I don’t even recall. My Best Friend informed me that one day, in Primary School, I insisted on grabbing my thigh and telling them to “get some leg”. I don’t doubt the truth… continue reading

And the laughter became a scream

This piece was accidentally published early with no name and a different ending. I adapted an old piece intended for a novel into a short story format. I really enjoy writing horror, although I genuinely scare myself sometimes. This particular piece has made me turn the light on while in bed more than once.    Jane rushed down the driveway to their new home. Her sister, carrying both of their… continue reading

Bully: Part Two

Sometime after the “drawing friendship” and the subsequent stupid, one sided fall out (I honestly cared so little by this point, I cannot remember what happened. Maybe I was trying to destroy her life, but I feel that requires an investment I just didn’t have) I just gave up altogether. I stopped trying to be friendly and settled down into civil dislike. I was polite, but I never actively made… continue reading

Bully: Part One

Hello again. Yes, I continue to plague this Earth with my existence, like a persistent fungal infection. Things got HECTIC in January, forgive me. I got a new a job and had a birthday. I am older, sweatier and tireder than before. Basically things are great. So, since I’m an adult, I’ve moved on and let go of all the childish disputes of my youth. Lol, NOPE, today I’m writing… continue reading

Why I Love My Butt And You Should Too

Loving your body is hard. The media shoves beautiful people who’ve been airbrushed, poked, prodded and bred to all hell, and people buy it, then shove it at you some more. But everyone is so freaking different, how did we even decide what was beautiful? Well, we aren’t here for an essay on the beauty industry. We’re here to have me share some of my tips for loving your body. Why… continue reading